About me

Dr. Dalia Verbylė, SJE
Educator and Certified Trainer of the Center for Nonviolent Comunication

I am from Kaunas, Lithuania. Educational background: BA in medicine, BA in Music, MA in Catechetics , MA in Religious Education, Certificate of Advanced Educational Specialization & PhD in Education on „Spirituality and the possible ways of its development at university“. I worked in Religious and Public Education, including international projects, partners and networks.

Since 2017 I got to know NVC I started the path of CNVC Certification and worked with NVC projects in Lithuania until now. In the first NVC seminar I have got a sense this is how I want to be and a method how to get there.

At that time I was so exhausted from my intensive academical work and was longing for some joy and peace in life. I have found NVC takes me to the place I want to be: being aware of my reactive thinking, being present, connected to my feelings & needs, to my core of being, source of life I call God. As welI, I discovered that empathy for myself and others, honest self-expresion and making clear requests make my relationships more enjoyable and more mutual. And my passion is to share this with others by contributing to a more conscious and responsible life.

For this journey I am so greatful for inspiration and support to Klaus Karstadt, Deborah Bellamy, Miki Kashtan, John Gather, Gina Lowrey, Irmtraud Kauschat, Marianne Gothlin, Roberta Wall, Robert Gonzales, Simone Anliker, Shona Cameron and many others I have met, and for CNVC global community for so many connections and support I have experienced.

My areas of interests: NVC Spirituality, personal relationships based on compassion and its power, sharing NVC and building NVC community in Lithuania & preparing NVC material and tools.

What I am doing now with NVC:

  • organizing NVC introductory and deepening seminars for educators, pastoral and social workers, parents, women, religious sisters;
  • organizing groups in person and online;
  • consulting individuals;
  • preparing and distributing NVC material and tools;
  • co-operating with CNVC CTs and NVC Trainers from other countries and here, in Lithuania.

Residential NVC trainings with CNVC Certified Trainers:

  • INTENSIVE TRAINING: NVC BASIS seminar with Klaus Karstadt, Guronys, Lithuania, June, 2016 (10 d.).
  • NVC SUMMER REATREAT in Pestera, Romania, 23-29 July, 2017 (7 d.); trainers: Deborah Bellamy, Ian Peatey & Monica Reu.
  • THE DANCE FLOUR seminar in Het Lotushuis, Belgium, 26-29 August, 2017 (4 d.); trainers: Gina Lawrie & Corry Laura Van Bladel.
  • NVC SUMMER RETREAT in Rosy’s Little Village, Agistri Island, Greece, 16-23 September, 2017 (7 d.); trainers: Louise Romain, Marianne Gothlin & Kaspar Ritz.
  • INTERNATIONAL INTENSIVE TRAINING, Salzburg, Austria, 17-26 August, 2018 (9 d.); trainers: Gabriele Grunt, Catherine Cadden, Deborah Bellamy, Irmtraud Kaschaut & Samuel Odhiambo.
  • EURO LIFE PROGRAM: LIVING AND INTEGRATING FULL EMBODIMENT with Robert Gonzales, USA, 2 years long (2018-2019); retreats: 11-18 March, 2018; 16-23 Sept., 2018; 31 March – 7April, 2019; 14-21 Sept., 2019 in Wardenburg, Germany (total – 28 d.) & 8 conferences online between the retreats, 2 h each (16h).

    NVC Tele-courses & Trainings online with CNVC Certified Trainers:
  • RESPONDING TO THE CALL OF OUR TIMES: A LEADERSHIP COACHING with Miki Kashtan, USA, 10 Febr. – 29 Sept., 2017, 36 conferences, each 2 h (72h);
  • INTRODUCTION TO NVC with Mary Mackenzie, USA, April 18, 2017 (3h);
  • COMPASSION COURSE with Tom Bond, USA, NYCNVC, June, 2019 – June, 2020, 52 weeks long, 12 conferences, each 2 h and individual, group and empathy buddies practice, conference (24 h).
  • SPIRITUAL NVC with Simone Anliker, Switzerland, 2019-2020, 12 conferences, each 2h (24 h).
  • A 9-day NVC Immersion for CNVC Certification Candidates CALFING 2020 Online with Silvia Haskvitz, Rita Herzog, Anne Walten, Ellen Eisenberg & Michael Dillo, April 30 – June 9 (9 d).
  • LIVING NVC AND MINDFULNESS IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS with Roberta Wall, USA, April 12 – May 24, 2020, 8 conferences, 2h each (16 h).
  • WORLDWIDE FIELD OF COMPASSION with Robert Gonzales, USA, April 12 – May 31, 2020, 8 conferences, 2h each (16 h).
  • LIVING COMPASSION IN CHALLENGING TIMES with Robert Gonzales, USA, July 22 – Sept. 2, 2020, 6 conferences, 2h each (12 h).
  • LIVING COMPASSION IN AN OVER-CHANGING WORLD with Robert Gonzales, USA, 14 March – 19 Dec., 2021, 13 conferences, 3h each (39h).

Total training – 74 d & 222 h (residential: 65 days & 16 h & online: 9 days & 206 h)