Do we always have a choice?

Our choice of language – reflected in our thinking, hearing and speaking – shape our consciousness of reality and directly impacts our feelings and our suffering and happiness.

Some formulations in our daily use of language implicate that we do not have a choice. “I have no time.” – “I will never be able to do this.” – “I must accept this.” – “I must forgive, because if not I will be go to hell.” – “I have no choice.” – “I have to do as I am told.”

We are free to believe that we have no choice. In that belief we give our inner power away.

But is it really true? And is there no way to approach this in a different way, that will allow us to feel more understanding and compassionate towards ourselves and others?

Compassionate communication practitioners are aware that human beings always have a choice. As long as we are spiritually alive, we can make inner decisions as to how we want to meet any given situation. And when we decide to believe that we have no choice, this is actully a choice we are making.

Inner freedom cannot be taken away, it can only be given away by our own accord.

Sascha Skochilenko, a Russian artist who was sentenced to 7 years in prison for anti-war stickers, said in her closing statement in a Russian court: “Despite the fact that I am in a prison cell, it is possible that I am much more free than all of you.”


Jackal perspective
Giving My Freedom Away
Giraffe perspective
Aware of My Freedom at all Times
“I have to brings the kids to school.”
“I choose to brings kids to school , because I want to support their development.
“I should cook something different today.”
“I want to cook something different, because I love variation.”
“You should come here.” “Are you willing to come here?”
“We are going to win this election, because we have no choice. If we lose it, we are not going to have a country.” (Trump on 5.3.2024)“I request everybody to vote for the Republican party, because I wish for safety on our national borders.”

Check the energy in your body, when you connect to the jackal and the giraffe version.
Do you feel a difference?