Exercise – Acknowledging Needs

To practice identifying needs, please circle the number in front of each statement where the speaker is acknowledging responsibility for his or her feelings.

1. “You irritate me when you leave company documents on the conference room floor.”

2. “I feel angry when you say that, because I am wanting respect and I hear your words as an insult.”

3. “I feel frustrated when you come late.”

4. “I’m sad that you won’t be coming for dinner because I was hoping we could spend the evening together.”

5. “I feel disappointed because you said you would do it and you didn’t.”

6. “I’m discouraged because I would have liked to have progressed further in my work by now.”

7. “Little things people say sometimes hurt me.”

8. “I feel happy that you received that award.”

9. “I feel scared when you raise your voice.”

10. “I am grateful that you offered me a ride because I was needing to get home before my children arrive.”