Forgiveness – Deepening the Practice of NVC

In this NVC workshop we focus on forgiveness, as understood within the framework of nonviolent communication.

We will present the and reconciliation process, consisting of three distinct steps, each based on human connection with self and other, on the basis of universal human needs. You may be able to see and experience how this process can be applied in many situations, from the smallest moment of a vexing dialogue to topics of life-changing impact. Forgiveness – in terms of nonviolent communication – is the last step of the Healing and Reconciliation Process.

We will develop our skill of empathy for ourselves and those who acted in ways, that did not meet needs for us. We will propose practices to strenghten our ability to forgive and to face challenges.

We plan to give a demo of the process in the main group and then make space for personal exploration of this process, in dyads as well as in small working groups with assistance from the trainers.