Giraffe ears – 1

Listen internally to this portion of text and sense into feelings and needs of the speaker.

All this rhetoric is pure hypocrisy. Conservative discourse is, for Putin, no more than a political tool for manipulating the consciousness of the populace. The reality is that the Russian president leads an immoral life, wholly contrary to the values he purports to embody.

Putin claims to be a man of faith who partakes in Christian rituals. The reality is that he has started a bloody war in eastern Europe, a war in which Christians are killing other Christians.

He claims to be the defender of family life. In reality, he is a man who has publicly distanced himself from his own daughters, and when he mentions them to the press, it’s as “those women”.

Formulate one or more empathic guesses, that feel connecting to the humanity of the speaker.

What feels connecting to me

(Checking the need with some mix of strategies)
Do you want politicians to address the issues in the country with authenticity and care?

(Checking perception and guessing a feeling.)
When you see these contradictions between what somebody says and what he does, do you feel disgusted?

(Checking about the request.)
Would you like to see a different president for Russia?

How to say it in giraffe