Healing Relationships with NVC

In this retreat we want to offer the practice of empathy and honesty to heal relationships, both inside of us and outside of us. In our life we encounter many conflicts, both inside and outside of us. Sometimes the disconnection goes from bad to worse, and in some cases, we even lose any ability to communicate or connect to other people.

Marshall Rosenberg has developed a process of healing and reconciliation that he has applied in difficult and even violent situations, both in a family setting and in war conflicts between different nations. We want to go through the steps of the process together and apply to our personal broken relationships, where we could use some healing.

We also propose to use this process on our inner conflicts. Instead of beating ourselves up for making mistakes, we can become more kind and respectful in our inner world and learn with joyfulness.

In order to work on our challenging relationsships we propose also to focus on what we are grateful for in our life and what we celebrate. Both in mourning our losses as well in our celebration of our victories, we can connect to the beauty of needs in our deepest heart.

The retreat includes

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Beauty of Needs as Path to Freedom and Togetherness

Start on Monday in the morning at 10.30 – and ending a bit later that evening. (full day of retreat)
End on Friday in the evening – ending a bit earlier (full day of retreat)

Use different practices – in smaller groups, in bigger groups, alone – try to create a different dynamic to increase learning effects

Day 1:
Four Steps – Dyad meditation (before lunch)
The Anger Process
What led to the porcelaine being broken …
Day 2:
Empathy for the victim (transl. victim, perpetrator)
Mourning in giraffe of the perpetrator
Empathy for the perpetrator
(request how to do different in future)
practice of gratitude in 2 ways:
one is celebrating the beauty of my needs in mourning
one is celebrating the beauty of my need when needs are met
Day 3:
integrate this process, do it, practice it
Day 4:
Day 5: