How Nonviolent Communication (NVC) can heal and improve relationships

2024, July 29, 10.00 – August 2, 13.00
with Dalia Verbyle and John Gather

in Guronys

We invite everyone who wants to deepen their NVC skills!
The seminar will be held in English with translation into Lithuanian.

Every time we blame others or ourselves, we express our own unmet needs, thereby increasing violence on the planet. As a result, pain and frustration can arise, escalating accusations and creating enemy images to which we succumb and come to believe that the other person or group of people is evil and has the intention of harming even us. All this can lead to physical violence, which usually happens.
With NVC, it is possible to change deteriorating relationships with other individuals into better ones. Only when we understand the need for tragically expressed (often considered normal) ways of communicating do we create a more peaceful world. The power of empathy and vulnerable dignity and authenticity can heal relationships one step at a time.

We will learn about the process of healing and reconciliation according to NVC, which has been successfully applied to reconcile victims of violence and abusers. The mentioned process can also help to heal our inner violence: when we talk to ourselves with self-hatred, when we try to change our behaviour or when we feel guilty about something and think we deserve punishment.

We want to create a warm and safe community space in the group so that we can all practice empathy and respectful communication together. We will also learn to share what we mourn and what we are grateful for. In both mourning and glee, we can connect with the beauty of our needs.

Place of the seminar: Guronių retreat house, Kaišiadorių district.


  • Please arrive between 9.00 and 9.45 so we can all start together at 10.00.
  • The requirement for participants is to have at least 3 days of NVC workshop practice.
  • We will not record, as this is about learning through personal experience and creating a safe space for everyone. Please register only if you agree.

For the seminar, we ask you to pay 200 EUR and more if you want to support the service of Nonviolent Communication in Lithuania. If you feel financial challenges, please contact us by phone: +370 61443252.

Transfer the fee to: Dalia Verbylė, bank name: swedbank,
account no.: LT487300010075105128, in the box – for what purpose – please write the words:
For the NVC seminar.
Please register here…… by July 1st. The number of participants is limited.
With your payment your place in the seminar is reserved.

Donation for accommodation – 168 EUR, to be paid at the venue.


Dr. Dalia Verbylė SJE (Kaunas) – certified trainer of the Center for Nonviolent Communication in the USA, interested in the spirituality of Nonviolent Communication, relationships based on compassion and its power, NVC training, preparation and distribution of NVC tools and community building in Lithuania. More information can be found on the website: Contact: [email protected];  tel.: +370 61 4432

Dr. John Gather (Germany) – Nonviolent communication coach, has been practicing and researching nonviolent communication for many years and his interest and focus is on enemy images, healing internal wounds, collective trauma, community and awareness. Contact: [email protected]