Introduction to NVC – 2022

Date: June 10-12, 2022 in Kaunas Location: Seminarija, Papilio 2, Kaunas Entrance from the side of the castle, see the door marked "NVC seminar" Contribution: seminar €50 - €70, accomodation and food €55 Hosts: Dalia Verbyle and John Gather

Starting on Friday through Sunday Dalia and I will introduce you to the main principles of nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg.

We will focus on needs, again and again, during these three days. Needs are the motivational forces behind all human action, according to one basic assumption made in nonviolenct communication. Needs are abstract, universal and shared and valued by all people concerned by a particular question. Examples of needs are social needs such as community, participation, celebrations and mornings; physical needs such as air, water, shelter, physical health and power, skill; spiritual needs such as beauty, order, connection, faith, understanding, honesty and more.

While nonviolent communication is built around a communicational tool – the famous four steps of communication – observation, feeling, need and request – what really matters is what purpose we use that tool for, what intention we have, when we use it. We will talk about four different basic attitudes when we are in contact with other people: authoritarian, submitting, win-win and depression. Whenever we engage with others we want to remember to stop and become aware of our intention in relation to these four different attitudes.

We will speak about the four basic key differentiations: observing without morally judging, feeling without thinking, needing without strategies, requesting without demanding and try to understand where we are ourselves in these different ways to approach communication with others.

We will also touch the two basic process in communicating with others – honest expression and empathic listening in terms of nonviolent communication.

Each input will be short and focused, then followed by a practice unit with partners or small groups among the participants.

You will receive a booklet “Practice, practice, practice …” with all the basic principles and some basic exercises. This booklet has been put together by our colleague Marianne Göthlin from Sweden, translated into Lithuanian by Dalia Verbyle.

To reserve your place in this workshop, send an email to Dalia Verbyle – [email protected]