Nonviolent Communication and Jesus

Practical spirituality

2023, June 2, 10:00 a.m. – 4th, 5:00 p.m.
with Dalia Verbyle and John Gather
in Guronys

We invite everyone who wants to deepen their NVC skills!
The retreat will be held in English with translation into Lithuanian

Life presents us with all kinds of challenges. Sometimes it seems that others have it easier, but in the end, we understand that suffering is a universal truth, just like joy, which makes our lives more beautiful. So how to be with suffering and with joy and to keep an open heart, a connection with the true self and others?

Obviously, we will draw on two spiritual sources to help us live in greater harmony with our values. We can learn and choose to communicate with an ever more open heart in both speaking and listening, and we can also find inspiration and help in the teaching and life of Jesus. So we invite you to practice together to understand how language can contribute to both nurturing and undermining our spirituality. In practices, we will connect nonviolent communication with the teachings of Jesus, which can inspire and accompany spiritually.

During the three-day retreat, we will explore how fear and trust live in us: what it means personally to “turn the other cheek”, we will respectfully look for the ways in which we communicate now and how communication can change by opening our hearts in the present moment. By practicing, we will learn how to be fully with ourselves and others. We will also introduce the practice of mediation using mature respect and understanding. We will offer insights, individual and group practices, dyads, mediations, integration time, experiencing the nature of Guronys as a gift.

Place of retreat : Guronys retreat center


  • Please arrive between 9.00 and 9.30 so we can all start together at 10.00.
  • The requirement for participants is to have at least 2 days of NVC workshop practice.
  • The retreat will not be recorded as it is about learning through personal experience and creating a safe space for everyone. Please register only if you agree.

About the leaders

Dalia Verbylė SJE (Kaunas) – certified trainer of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, interested in the spirituality of nonviolent communication, compassion based on relationships and its power, NVC training, NVC tools preparation, distribution and community building in Lithuania. 

John Gather (Germany) – Nonviolent Communication Coach, has been practicing and researching Nonviolent Communication for many years and his interest and focus is on enemy images, healing internal wounds, collective trauma, community and awareness