Nonviolent Communication Practice 2023

In each session, we will introduce one of the main aspects of NB using various practical tasks. Topics will include identifying needs; connections between feelings and thoughts; recognizing habitual thinking; separation of assessments and observations; transforming accusations into needs and strategies; formulating effective requests, respectful self-expression, empathic listening and self-empathy; saying no and hearing no with regret; gratitude and praise. We will explain how to distinguish between nonviolent communication and conventional thinking, using it to create a better connection with yourself and others.

These teachings can provide more strength in complex relationships, more understanding of the importance of feelings and needs and how we communicate them; as well as how my capabilities can contribute to a more peaceful, mature relationship and a happier life. The results will also depend on your willingness and willingness to open your heart to this learning experience.

Practice in pairs between seminars
Participants will be able to practice with each other what they learned and practiced in the session to consolidate knowledge and deepen skills.

Session dates and strategies
The training will take place in 2023, 8 times (on Wednesdays), on the following dates: January 18; February 1 and the 15th; March 1 and the 22nd; April 19; May 3 and on the 17th Meeting times: 19.00 – 21.15 We ask participants to join at 6:50 p.m. to prepare to start all together.
The training will not be recorded as it is designed to learn through personal experience and create a safe space for everyone. Please register only if you agree.

Dalia Verbylė SJE (Kaunas) – certified trainer of the Center for Nonviolent Communication, interested in the spirituality of nonviolent communication, compassion based on relationships and its power, NVC training, NVC tools preparation, distribution and community building in Lithuania. 

John Gather (Germany) – Nonviolent Communication Coach, has been practicing and researching Nonviolent Communication for many years and his interest and focus is on enemy images, healing internal wounds, collective trauma, community and awareness