NVC Basics Online 2024

Four online days on zoom – Saturdays 17.2. / 24.2 / 2.3 / 9.3.2024

Each training day
Morning session 9.30 – 13.00
Afternoon session 15.00 – 18.30

In this online course we will cover the basic technique of translating normal “violent” communication (using blame and judgment) into compassionate, nonviolent communication. We will orient ourselves on the basic introductory book by Marshall Rosenberg “Nonviolent Communication”. If you plan to take part in this course, we request you to buy your own copy of the book ahead of the course beginning.

In total we plan four meetings. In meeting one and two we will train the key differentiations between observing and evaluating, between feelings and thinking, between needs and stragies, as well as between requests and demands. In meeting three and four we will train empathy and self-empathy.

In the end of this course you will have read and practice the content of the book up to chapter 9, approximately two thirds of the book.

Why is nonviolent communication helpful?
It helps to become more conscious about what is truly important to us and others and therefore to be able to communicate about it. Using NVC helps us to increase cooperation and understanding.
It enables us to share resources and power for the benefit of all.

Giraffe vs. Jackal
Giraffe consciousness vs. Jackal consciousness
Chapter 1 and chapter 2

Four steps OFNR
Chapters 3,4,5,6
Up to page 90

3) Empathy
4) Self-empathy