Power of Empathy

Input: some aspects of empathy
Empathy that heals.
C.R.: Empathy effects those who receive it. Such a good feeling when somebody hears you
without judging, without taking responsibility for you or without fixing you. you see
yourseld in a new way. When you are heard, healing starts.
Don’t do anything, just listen.
It could be more difficult to feel empathy for those who seems have more power, higher
status or more resources. Intellectual empathy.

Empathy and being vulnerable.
It can be difficult to reveal our deepest feelings and needs. but it becomes easier when we
feel empathy to others for in this way we get in touch with our humanity and become aware
of common values, needs we all share.

The more we empathize with others the more secure we feel ourselves.
While we hearing people’s feeling and needs we don’t see them as monstrous any more.

Empathy can be difficult with people being very close to us.

30-40 min.
Empathy when hearing „no“
Empathy can protect us from taking „No“ personally: being hurt, staying with mis
understanding. Examples…

I would like to go to the movie with you tonight.
I don‘t want.
Are you tired and want to rest this evening at home? 

Execise in peers, when you hear „no“ from someone in you family or work place:

  1. Remember situation from your life and say what you said, asked for “….“
  2. They said? “NO“, or „I dont want“
  3. Your empathic guess:
    a. Are you feeling…?;
    b. are you needing…?
  4. Sharing in the group…

Individual exercise: Empathy connection
Guided meditation…/ Vedančioji meditacija…

40 min.
Empathy in silence/ Empatija tyloje
We “say more” by listening others, their feelings and needs.

We create space for everything arising.

Exercise: dyad meditation
Explanation… peson A, person B and the question/s
o A: Asking question and listening in silence;
o B: Listening question and reflecting on it;
o Swich the roles after 5min., you get the remainder-message when to change the roles;
o First Q : What is alive in you right now? 5min + 5min
o Second Q: How trust lives in you? 5min + 5min
Sharing in the group…