Don’t do anything that isn’t play

Another important aspect of self-compassion is to check for the energy behind our actions (or non-actions).

We can stop at any time and ask if any of the following is true:

I act out of fear.
I act to avoid guilt.
I act to avoid shame.
I act to fulfill our obligation.

From a giraffe perspective the only valid motivation for our actions is the desire to make life more wonderful for ourselves and others.

And when we see that we have a good reason to do what we do, we can feel an energy of “play” even in the hardest kind of labour. “Don’t do anything that isn’t play.” can remind you of your intention.

Obedience – Denying our own Humanity

Amtssprache (Duty, obligation, obedience)
Doing things because we think we are supposed to. It is the law. My boss said so.
Adolf Eichmann demonstrates how far people can lose compassion in this mode of thinking.