2.3 – Journal


Audio recording of Marshall RosenbergTake your time
We need to take our time to remember and to come from an energy of our chosing.

Take your time - Marshall Rosenberg on the Importance of Stopping
Importance of Stopping

Opening circle

Feedback from the learnings of last time – feelings, needs, requests.

Who or what is responsible for feelings?

Raising awarenes – to take responsibility for our feelings … or not!
Taking responsibility for our feelings and acknowlege our needs (giraffe)
Or not taking responsibility for our feelings (jackal) and blame others for “making” our feelings
Exercise – Taking responsibility for needs

Practicing Empathy

Please switch on automatic translation to Lithuanian – click on setting in the youtube video.

The Gift of Presence - Intellectual Understanding vs. Empathy
Marshall Rosenberg on the essential ingredient of empathy – presence

Exercise – Responding Empathically?

We worked through all sentences and if the answer was not empathic, we worked in a dialogue and tried to be present with feelings and needs, asking “Are you feeling ____?” and “Are you needing ______?”

This is the main formula. You can vary it to make it more natural.

Connecting with a Need, Finding a Request

Guided Exercise connecting with a need
Imagine a situation where the need for honesty was not fulfilled.
Connect to body, feel.
Imagine a situation, where the need for honesty was fulfilled.
Connect to body, feel.

Practice making positive request for this need, you had chosen in the meditation.

Closing circle

How do you see your progress so far?
And do you have a request for Dalia and John?