Meeting 4

Play Remembering (5 minutes)
1. Ask 2 voices back (5 minutes)
2. Breakout in groups of 3 (15 minutes)
“Talk about your experience of empathy.”
3. Sharing in circle (15 minutes)
45 minutes, Dalia and John
Self-Empathy 1 – Be kinder to ourselves
Input on Exercise 1
Transform Self-Blame (4 steps) (groups of 2)
45 minutes, John

Self-Empathy 2 – Loving our freedom
Input on Exercise 2
Transform „I have to …“ (groups of 2)
45 minutes, John
Self-Empathy 3 – Sharing in Silent Presence Needs Dyad (45 minutes) (groups of 2)45 minutes, Dalia
Self-Empathy 4 – The most beautiful motivation
Input on exercise 4
Do not do anything that isn’t play
Why do we do things that we do not like to do?
(groups of 2)
45 minutes, John

Anger 1
Break-out – How do you experience anger? (10 m)
(groups of 2)
Input and questions (10 + 20 min)
45 minutes, Dalia
Movement on music – as refresher?
Anger 2
Demonstration (20 min)
Feedback and questions (15 min)
45 minutes, John
Gratitude – guided meditation or dyad (10 min)
45 minutes, Dalia and John

Left overs …

Requests (optional – where occasion arises)
Some unclear requests and engage people with their own examples
Underlying objective of NVC
– to be aware that connection is the most important, to value everybody’s needs.
– (four squares? How to deal with a “No”?)

Receiving Empathically
Notes on the Topic for Teaching in Class

Exercise – Responding Empathically?

Empathy for Self, Empathy for Another

Empathy when hearing „no“

Exercise Four ears (Giraffe and Jackal Communication)

Empathy in silence